Energies of Freedom

Europe Academy 2023

16. Juni 2023 (mehrtägig)

Energies of Freedom - Europe Academy 2023
Zeit: 16:00
Ort: JUKZ am Stintfang
Sprache: English
Von : JEF-Hamburg e.V.


Picture Credit: Photones (Wikimedia)

Meet young people from all over Europe in Hamburg - Accommodation and lunch included! 
Everyone's talking about the climate crisis, and you want to have your say? Then come to this year's Europe Academy where we will talk about energy policy and energy technologies with speakers from science, politics, and business. 
Let yourself be inspired by exciting talks or actively participate in the discussion!
Why” Energies of Freedom?!”
The focus is on renewable energies, especially wind power and solar energy. Other energy sources pose major problems for Europe: Russian gas creates dependence on an aggressor state that is currently waging a war of aggression in violation of international law. Coal has an unsustainable C02 balance. And LNG gas, which is currently used, is not a long-term solution due to its controversial extraction through fracking. In contrast, renewable energies have so far often failed due to a lack of subsidies and bureaucratic hurdles. Another peculiarity is nuclear power, which, although it plays no role in climate change, is nevertheless associated with considerable dangers and is therefore highly controversial.
The agenda: Friday afternoon we have the opportunity to see where the magic happens at the local level and go to the City Hall and meet Johannes Müller from the Greens, who is the spokesperson for energy policies. On Saturday we start with a yoga session at the Elbe beach and get an insight of the work of Dr. Andreas Laurich who works for a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal. After a lunch break and working groups, we will meet Prof. Dr. Andreas Luczak who is doing research about renewable technologies at the FH Kiel. After that we will have dinner and drinks and walk to the Planten and Blomen park and see the light spectacle.

And see what the Hamburger nightlife has to offer ;)! 
On Sunday we will have a smooth start into the day and a feedback round and leave the seminar with hopefully loads of new ideas and inspirations.

The participation fee for residents in Germany is 20,- €

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Lena Krummeich


Lena Krummeich


Datum: 16.06.2023 - 18.06.2023
Beginn: 16:00
Ende: 13:00
Ort: JUKZ am Stintfang
Alfred-Wegener-Weg 3
20459 Hamburg
Energies of Freedom